Oyin & Kunle | Wedding Highlight | Calgary

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Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. I think most of the weddings we shot this summer fall under that category. It seemed like every one of them had traffic hold-ups on the way to the ceremony or other things that makes it crazier and just a little more stressful for us. That’s okay though. If the bride is late, they can’t start the ceremony without her. This wedding was along those lines and in this case the make-up artist was late. Instead of freaking out Oyin and the girls took it with stride and had a competitive little game of cards. From a film standpoint I LOVED it. I’m always up for stuff that’s a little different. It changes it up from the beauty shots of the hair and make-up (not that those aren’t important), and makes a more interesting story. It went along perfectly with the guys activities watching World Cup on TV and getting a little passionate about it. I love how this highlight turned out… it’s just that… it was supposed to be a Same Day Edit. Yep I had planned on playing it at the reception later on in the evening. Totally do-able. I’ve done lots before, but as I said, some things don’t always go as planned. I usually start organizing footage during the bride preps and I had dumped some of my footage off onto my hard drive. Then on my way to the ceremony I put the laptop on the seat beside me in the car to load the rest of the footage onto the drive. In the middle of this process, there must have been too many bumps on the road and the drive failed. Like done. Devastating. I forged ahead and focused on capturing the ceremony. I even stopped at Staples to grab a new drive on the way to Okotoks, where the reception was, and try to assemble something with what I had. I tried for awhile but eventually threw in the towel. I lost a big portion of the story without the bride preps. So as hard as it was, I told Oyin and the photograph saved with the day with a stunning photo montage of beautiful shots from the day.
Thankfully, I was able to take the hard drive to Calgary for recovery and retrieved the lost data. Gulp! Phew! It was worth having that part of the story back though. Not quite as planned but we still put together an amazing wedding highlight.

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