Amanda & Jeff | Red Deer Fall Wedding | Canyon Ski Resort

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I love the fall in all its splendour and colourful beauty. So it goes without saying I love filming fall weddings. And looking outside in Alberta when we already have a blanket of white in November it’s nice to have a reminder of autumn and giving thanks. Yes, in Canada our thanksgiving is already come and gone but we’re bombarded with the US holiday anyway this week so why not be thankful. Amanda and Jeff chose to have a fall wedding, and it couldn’t be more fitting for them. They are a vibrant colourful couple; cheerful and energetic, full of laughter and wit. The spirit of gratitude and celebration in all who attended is certainly reminiscent of a family gathering around a table, feasting on life’s goodness as two families celebrate their coming together. Definitely it’s something to be thankful for and it’s moments like these we will all cherish forever. Thanksgiving is also about paying tribute to God and those before us. What better way for Jeff and Amanda to do that then to get married in the same church as their parents. To add an even more sporadic and unexpected theme we had a few uninvited guests show up at different points in the day making wildlife a part of this celebration. Thanks to a moose who waltzed through the formal photos, and a wedding crasher squirrel who tried to help himself to dinner. It was definitely a splendid and colourful celebration. Speaking of which, I can’t forget to mention the flowers. The bride’s bouquet was absolutely stunning and captured the true beauty of autumn in its array of colours thanks to the talented staff at La Petite Jaune Fleure here in Red Deer. A gorgeous work of art. And it’s all been captured beautifully. We absolutely loved putting together this wedding highlight. Enjoy.


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