The Creative Process of a Child

Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in Other Projects | 0 comments

It’s so fascinating to watch a child at work on a piece of art. Their imagination is still so vibrant and fresh, it hasn’t been suppressed by the rules of the grown-up world. I think what a child can tap into so easily, we as adults have to work harder to achieve. And to add to that, we seem to be too concerned about creating the masterpiece and striving for perfection that perhaps we don’t get the same satisfaction of completion no matter what it looks like in the end. The fun for them is just in doing it. Those times, few and far between, when I’m able to really get creative is an enjoyable child-like experience, one where I can be in the moment and feel like I’m being fulfilled. When it comes to art, whether you’re talented at it or not, I think it’s a wonderful means of expression. I can’t say that every film I create is a masterpiece in my eyes (I am serving clients with different goals and it’s important to keep them happy) but I try to always do something extra that’s different to keep discovering and challenging myself so that I can get that crazy shot or keep my style unique. It’s something that helps me enjoy the process. It can turn a long day into something fun and rewarding.

Recently I had the pleasure of being involved in filming a video for my kids’ school; Ecole Oriole Park Elementary during their art week. A full week they decided to focus on art and give the students a chance to explore, learn and discover about painting, dance, drama and more. Watch the highlight video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming and editing it. Truly this was a rewarding experience. And yes, there may be a couple cameos from my girls.

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