Our Style

We love discovering and telling stories. Storytelling is what breathes life into filmmaking and we’re passionate about bringing that into a wedding film.
There’s so much more to a wedding celebration than just the events of the day, and that’s why we never approach a wedding like an event videographer.

It’s a culminating day based around two main characters with an amazing emotional bond, along with supporting family and friends who contribute to who these people have become.
It’s a unique story that deserves to be preserved in a film worthy of the big screen. We love getting to know couples and providing them with this type of end product.



Drew Kenworthy has been filming weddings along with his wife Kerri since 2003.
He has spent years writing, filming, and producing content for radio, tv, and the web.
His latest accomplishment was producing a Short documentary about Fitness and Nutrition entitled “Change”.

Kerri Kenworthy loves the emotion and feel good experience of a wedding day.
She has an amazing way of connecting with brides and understanding their needs.
Her years of filming give her a knack for knowing when and where to be at the right moment since there are no do-overs on a wedding day.