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Marie & Brent | Same Day Edit |Red Deer

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We are super excited for this wedding season! We have a great team and all of our couples seem so cool and fun. We know we’re going to make some amazing films. Marie and Brent were no exception. They gave us so much to use including some heart tugging and witty vows. I love when we get content like this to put together a wedding film. Makes our job so easy… especially when you’re under the wire trying to create a Same Day Edit to play at the end of the evening. Everything about their wedding went picture perfect. A quaint ceremony setting under a huge tree in Coronation Park in Red Deer was beautiful and formal photos at an airplane hangar near Penhold was just downright cool. And speaking of cool, skeet shooting in the morning for Brent and the guys made for some pretty fun groompreps, and some sweet footage. It was an amazing day and at the end of it all this what I had ready to show as the perfect lookback to a perfect day. Enjoy Marie and Brent’s Same Day Edit.

Jen & Corrie | New Year’s Eve Wedding | Ponoka, AB

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When we met with Jen and Corrie we knew they were pretty cool but we weren’t completely prepared for how cool. With a classic car ceremony backdrop at the Reynold’s Museum in Ponoka to the lego character party favours this was a wedding we won’t forget. What better way to spend New Year’s Eve than with a couple such as this and all their friends. Putting this wedding highlight together we were reminded of all the fun things that happened throughout the day… and into the night. We’re sure you’ll enjoy Jen and Corrie’s New Year’s Eve Wedding Highlight.



Myranda & Cole | Wedding Highlight | Trochu, AB

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I met Myranda while I was doing a corporate shoot at her orthodontist’s. She was actually standing in as the patient for the video and eventually asked if we were available for her wedding. We met again much later with Cole and I could already tell from both experiences they’d be down to earth and easy to work with. The wedding was in the small central Alberta town of Trochu, Alberta. Chris got some incredible footage as the groomsmen started the day off with a bang, skeet shooting out at the farm. And one wouldn’t think you’d find such a gorgeous backdrop so close to a little prairie town. Dry Island Buffalo Jump Park is just a short drive from Trochu and offers breathtaking views of badlands hills. You couldn’t ask for better formals for these guys. Anyway this is Myranda and Cole’s Wedding Highlight.

Amanda & Jeff | Red Deer Fall Wedding | Canyon Ski Resort

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I love the fall in all its splendour and colourful beauty. So it goes without saying I love filming fall weddings. And looking outside in Alberta when we already have a blanket of white in November it’s nice to have a reminder of autumn and giving thanks. Yes, in Canada our thanksgiving is already come and gone but we’re bombarded with the US holiday anyway this week so why not be thankful. Amanda and Jeff chose to have a fall wedding, and it couldn’t be more fitting for them. They are a vibrant colourful couple; cheerful and energetic, full of laughter and wit. The spirit of gratitude and celebration in all who attended is certainly reminiscent of a family gathering around a table, feasting on life’s goodness as two families celebrate their coming together. Definitely it’s something to be thankful for and it’s moments like these we will all cherish forever. Thanksgiving is also about paying tribute to God and those before us. What better way for Jeff and Amanda to do that then to get married in the same church as their parents. To add an even more sporadic and unexpected theme we had a few uninvited guests show up at different points in the day making wildlife a part of this celebration. Thanks to a moose who waltzed through the formal photos, and a wedding crasher squirrel who tried to help himself to dinner. It was definitely a splendid and colourful celebration. Speaking of which, I can’t forget to mention the flowers. The bride’s bouquet was absolutely stunning and captured the true beauty of autumn in its array of colours thanks to the talented staff at La Petite Jaune Fleure here in Red Deer. A gorgeous work of art. And it’s all been captured beautifully. We absolutely loved putting together this wedding highlight. Enjoy.


Oyin & Kunle | Wedding Highlight | Calgary

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Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. I think most of the weddings we shot this summer fall under that category. It seemed like every one of them had traffic hold-ups on the way to the ceremony or other things that makes it crazier and just a little more stressful for us. That’s okay though. If the bride is late, they can’t start the ceremony without her. This wedding was along those lines and in this case the make-up artist was late. Instead of freaking out Oyin and the girls took it with stride and had a competitive little game of cards. From a film standpoint I LOVED it. I’m always up for stuff that’s a little different. It changes it up from the beauty shots of the hair and make-up (not that those aren’t important), and makes a more interesting story. It went along perfectly with the guys activities watching World Cup on TV and getting a little passionate about it. I love how this highlight turned out… it’s just that… it was supposed to be a Same Day Edit. Yep I had planned on playing it at the reception later on in the evening. Totally do-able. I’ve done lots before, but as I said, some things don’t always go as planned. I usually start organizing footage during the bride preps and I had dumped some of my footage off onto my hard drive. Then on my way to the ceremony I put the laptop on the seat beside me in the car to load the rest of the footage onto the drive. In the middle of this process, there must have been too many bumps on the road and the drive failed. Like done. Devastating. I forged ahead and focused on capturing the ceremony. I even stopped at Staples to grab a new drive on the way to Okotoks, where the reception was, and try to assemble something with what I had. I tried for awhile but eventually threw in the towel. I lost a big portion of the story without the bride preps. So as hard as it was, I told Oyin and the photograph saved with the day with a stunning photo montage of beautiful shots from the day.
Thankfully, I was able to take the hard drive to Calgary for recovery and retrieved the lost data. Gulp! Phew! It was worth having that part of the story back though. Not quite as planned but we still put together an amazing wedding highlight.

Megan & Nathan | Winter Wedding Highlight | Wetaskiwan

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Megan wanted a winter wedding. And when she booked us to do her video she said she absolutely had to have snow. In Alberta that’s not hard to do, but it was planned for November and some years it can look pretty brown that time of year. Well I was a little concerned as the date drew near because we made it to Halloween without snow on the ground and even past that. But I will definitely remember the snowfall the weekend of Megan and Nathan’s wedding. Boy did she get her wish! No mistake about it; winter had arrived for their wedding. The flurries started Friday afternoon and created a cold marshmallowy backdrop for this celebration. It offered some challenges for guests travelling but made for some incredible footage which was very exciting. Megan and Nathan both work in the oilfield so standing out in sub-zero temperatures for photos didn’t seem to phase them or their bridal party much which was just awesome. Definitely impressive for girls in dresses. The decor at the reception completed the winter wonderland theme with an ice sculpture and snowflakes everywhere. Anyway I am very excited to share this highlight.

Kelsey and Cam | Wedding Highlight | Near Bowden

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We have really loved working with our couples this last year, especially ones like Kelsey and Cam, who really value a wedding video. They wanted film to be a part of their wedding because of how far they’ve come. In 2009 Cam was in a life-threatening accident that gave them as a couple some incredible challenges along the road to recovery. They said that at some points they couldn’t even imagine themselves making it to the step of getting married with family and friends present. It made their choice of capturing those memories an absolute must on their list, and you really could tell. Filming their day, you just got that from them; their struggles created a strong bond of love and made for some very heartfelt words and moments throughout the day. I just love it when you don’t have to search for the story. The emotion just came out and you cannot help but be drawn in by this sweet couple. Add to that a wedding where the rain stopped just long enough for an outdoor wedding, a bridal party that likes to party, some very cute, country style decor and you have Kelsey and Cam’s Wedding. Far from boring. Just a treat to be a part of. So I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Nova & Eric | Wedding Highlight | Sylvan Lake

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Sylvan Lake has some has really cool spots for a wedding. I love the pier and I’ve even been to the water park there several times. I never really figured I’d ever be filming some bridal party formals there. What could be cooler? Ok, maybe a Trash the Dress would’ve been cooler. I could see footage of Nova sliding down a water slide in her dress. Cut to an underwater gopro at the bottom as she descends with a splash. Well, I did suggest it but no takers. Nova and Eric own a water treatment business which was kind of how the whole waterpark thing happened. Loved it. All right… Nova and Eric. What a fun and enjoyable wedding on a perfect day. What a fun and care-free couple. It was very laid back and all about making it an awesome experience for the guests. They had the best bridal party a couple could ask for, complete with groomsmen who not only helped decorate but offered tips on decor placement. I guess what else should you expect from a wedding with a groom who likes to scrapbook. Well the rest was pretty amazing… an outdoor wedding facing the dock at the lake and an unexpected surprise entrance (I’ll let you watch the film).

Marjona & Mike | Wedding Highlight | Red Deer

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Marjona has an incredible story. She left her home and family in Romania to come to Canada with her children when she was still quite young.  Along the way she met some very wonderful people and ended up with a couple of “adopted” Canadian parents who really helped and supported her and her little family. She also found her way into the Christian faith and a congregation that accepted and helped her. It was through this that Mike and Marjona met. Born on 2 opposite ends of the earth and now united as a family. It is always neat for us to be able to create a film and incorporate the idea of a family unit coming together as a mother and her children have found a father to step in and love them and be a part of their lives. Marjona and Mike’s highlight film is touching, yet they are fun enough to really make you smile. I can’t forget to mention how much we enjoyed the wedding formals and working with Becka and Bryan at Twitchy Finger Photography. We absolutely love that every time we work with them it’s not the same locations in Red Deer. They actually go to great lengths to find new spots which are fun and different. I would definitely recommend Twitchy Finger for your wedding.

Nav & Praveen’s Same Day Edit

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Filming Nav and Praveen’s wedding was a week-long event, as the couple coming from different faiths decided to do both Christian and Indian ceremonies. It really ended up being two incredible weddings – one in Calgary, and one in Edmonton. Being located in Red Deer made things easier, but it was still a crazy week. Celebrations lasted all week, starting with the Mendhi and Sangeet on Tuesday for Nav and her family. The Mendhi and Sangeet are traditional Indian pre-wedding ceremonies. The Sangeet is a time of singing, dancing and joking, and the Mendhi is when turmeric and Henna paste is drawn in designs on the bride’s feet, hands and face. It was a fun time for all, with good, vegetarian Indian food.

On Thursday, the Christian ceremony was held at the Glen Eagle Links golf Course in Cochrane. It was an amazing venue, with a beautiful view of the golf course and the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. The wonderful ceremony was made even better when Praveen surprised Nav with doves to release at the end. The marriage licence almost flew away with the doves as well, but fortunately, one of the guests saved the day.

The Sainth (bracelet) ceremony was held on Friday at the bride’s house, where her uncles gave her away. On Saturday, the Indian wedding was held at the Capilano Conference Centre. It was even bigger than the Christian ceremony. Nav looked amazing in her Indian outfit.

Then, there was the Edmonton reception which was unbelievable. Of course it began with our Same Day Edit kicking things off as the bride and groom entered for the reception. It was an instant hit and set an awesome tone for the rest of the evening’s events. A huge shout out goes to Hayley of Shandro Photo, who was great to work beside as we both covered the same events throughout the week.